Sweet Treats

Classic Carrot Cake
Mini Egg Cheesecake
Paris Brest
Dark Chocolate Torte
Egg Custard Meringue Tart
White Chocolate and Blueberry Loaf
Rhubarb and Strawberry Crumble
Raspberry & Dark Chocolate Tarts
Crunchie Dark Chocolate Pot
Baked Triple Chocolate Donut
Biscoff & Chocolate Cookies
Classic Lemon Madeleines
Peanut Butter Jelly Cups
M&M Cookies
Dark Chocolate Florentines
Christmas Biscotti
Posh Jammie Dodgers
Chocolate Banoffee Cake
Baileys Creme Brûlée
Vegan Biscotti Chocolate Cheesecakes
Salted Caramel Cheesecake
Triple Tier Victoria Sandwich
Triple Chocolate Eclairs
Gooey Nutella Cookies
Chocolate & Walnut Madeleines
Maltesers Cookies
Stem Ginger Ice Cream
Chocolates Truffles
Classic Boozy Mince Pies
Dark Chocolate Viennese biscuits
Chocolate Chip Caramel Lava Cookies
Chocolate Chip Chickpea Blondies
Salted Caramel Sauce
Coffee Mousse
Salted Caramel & Chocolate Tart
Cherry & Orange Pie
Vegan Millionaire Shortbread
Coconut & Lime Syllabub
Chocolate Orange Cheesecake
Lemon Curd Pavlova
Ginger Chocolate Cheesecakes
Crunchie Bar Rocky Road
Toffee Crisp Cheesecake
Strawberry & Kiwi Pavlova
Vegan Chocolate Pot
Coconut Pancakes
Coconut, Honey & Lime Cake
Dark Chocolate & Orange Hot Cross Muffin Buns
Pastéis de Nata (Portugese Tarts)
Clementine Chocolate Roulade
Mulled Wine Poached Pears
Gingerbread Macarons
Chocolate Mincemeat Palmiers
Cinnamon Rolls
Banoffee Tartlets
Creme Egg Rocky Roads
Goat’s Cheese and Honey’d Fig Cheesecake
Pretzel & Chocolate Chunk Cookies
Raspberry Bakewell Cake
Chewy Fudgy Chocolate Oreo Brownies
Individual Victoria Sandwich
Beetroot Brownie Cakes
Orange & Dark Chocolate Energy Balls
3-Ingredients Banana & Cacao Ice Cream
Ginger Nut Biscuits
Dark Chocolate Banoffee Pie
Vegan Chocolate Cheesecake
Dark Chocolate & Sea Salt Popcorn Clusters
Millionaire’s Shortbread
Lemon & Courgette Cakes
Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Ice Cream
Chocolate & Banana Cakes
Wagonwheel Blondies
Plum Conserve Tarts
Chocolate Orange & Ginger Easter Surprise Cake
Banoffee & Blueberry Pancakes
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