Garlic Dough ball Share-Bread

These tear-and-share garlic filled dough balls are ideal for the start of a dinner party or as a side for a family meal.

3-Ingredients Banana & Cacao Ice Cream (V)

This ice cream is a perfect healthy alternative to normal ice cream and will fulfil your chocolate craving!! I love having this for breakfast with granola on top to start the day.

Vegan Chocolate Cheesecake

My favourite dessert of all time is a uncooked cheesecake. I love the fresh, creamy texture with the harden base. This chocolate cheesecake ticks all the boxes and even better it is vegan!!

Dark Chocolate & Sea Salt Popcorn Clusters (V)

Popcorn has always been the best thing when going to the cinema but it is so unhealthy and packed with sugar. Therefore i decide to make a more classy and healthier alternative and how can you not love the marriage of dark chocolate and sea salt!

Orange & Dark Chocolate Energy Balls (v)

I have fallen in love with these raw vegan energy balls that only contain 4 ingredient. They are perfect as a healthy snack in between meal or as a energy boost when doing sport.

Chilli Flatbreads

These are the simplest flatbreads you will ever make but taste so good and are ideal as part of a mezze platter. These flatbread are cooked in chilli oil which gives them a heated kick but are complimented by the cool yogurt and parsley dip.