Thomas Clayton

About Me

Younger Years

As a young kid I always had a real interest in baking and cooking but more importantly eating! First thing I can remember baking was chocolate rice Krispies cakes with my mum at around age 4 and since then I haven’t stopped!


In September 2015 I started at Reading University studying Food Science. This degree has given massive insight into the processing in food and the science behind cooking. Also in January 2017 I started this website claytonscookbook. 

My School Days

Throughout out my school days, I continued to cook & bake. I entered various local cooking competitions with the school and did hospitality and catering at GCSE.

Work Experience

In my third year at university I got the opportunities to get some industrial experience. I worked for McCormick as part of their processing team and learnt the science behind powders and seasonings. Then I spent an extra three month working as a junior culinary development chef.

So that is me, a 21 year old student with a baking blog! Thank you for taking the time reading my recipe, liking, commenting and sharing them and I hope to continue to keep making more for you to enjoy!

Tom x

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